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Marfa, Marfa, Marfa!

This is the first time in a long time that I haven't felt 100% satisfied to be back in NY after a trip outside the 5 boroughs.

Thanks to We Came In Peace, Marfa Film Festival and Cafe Bustelo, I just spent the good part of 7 days in the magical West Texas desert town of Marfa, setting the aural tone of The Filling Station, an abandoned-then-re-modeled Masonic Temple which became a fully connected coffee lounge, complete with wi-fi, celebrities, more cold coffee than one person could safely consume, authentic vintage furnishings, guest DJs, Patron, ghosts, and of course, the perfect soundtrack!

To share my musical vision for the Filling Station, below is a zip folder of my favorite tracks, unmixed, from my sets. Exotica, lounge, easy listening, space jazz and library music can all be found in small doses here, but I highly encourage more thorough research on the included artists/songs.

Download The Filling Station highlights here:

As a bonus, some of the amazing people involved in creating the indie music doc, Echotone (the cinematic highlight of the festival, which premiered to a packed house with people overflowing into the aisles), came by The Filling Station and took over the decks for a couple hours, spotlighting some of the more outstanding up and coming bands from Austin, all featured in the film. Director Nathan Christ, producers Victor Moyers and Daniel Perlaky, and Sunset front-man Bill Baird all dropped in and delivered gems representative of the musical styles that have made Austin one of the most prolific and vibrant musical scenes in the country.

Below is a small sampler of tracks courtesy of the Echotone film:

Words would not do any of the experiences any justice, so download the tunes and take a look at some of the images that represent the more memorable moments in the space and at the festival. I met amazing people, saw some amazing films and am now mildly obsessed with the coolest little town in West Texas.


I Love Factory conducts an Eternal Coronation.

As Fashion Week 2010 looms near, The lovely folks at I Love Factory are gearing up for another monumental display in fabric manipulations and society headwear advances. Details about the new collection and the event have been sketchy at best, but this video invitation should give an idea of what to expect. Which is still unclear. I can't wait!

We Came In Peace helped with the video and event and flyer and promotions and everyone loves them more for it.