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I wish all commercials were like this

Marina & The Diamonds do a spacey, French variety show in the 60's. For Stella Artois.


For those who think life is unfair, cuz i blow my smoke in the air...

 New video from Big Boi's upcoming solo debut, Sir Luscious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty. Featuring guest spots by Andre 3000, Gucci Mane, Too $hort, trust when I say that this record will be a game changer.

Check below for the MP3 of this track as well as a couple of others, supposedly also included on Sir Luscious.

Fo Yo Sorrows ft. George Clinton & Too $hort

Royal Flush ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon

Shine Blockas ft. Gucci Mane


Dream On


We're officially official! The wonderfully dirty club music duo, Nue Pourn, have just released their latest EP, Dream On, along with exclusive remixes and an acid-trip of a video (directed and produced by my favorites, WCIP). There's already a slew of new EPs in the works, featuring some surprise guest remixers as well as some brand spankin new Nue Pourn music! Finally!

The first part of this new Nue Pourn experience is available at iTunes, of course, as well as the world's finest electronic music retailer, Beatport!

Also, if you're in the NYC area tomorrow night (Thursday, Feb 25th), come help celebrate at the release party (see previous post).





Newnew awesome/creepy video from one of my favorite bands.

Liars new album, Sisterworld, is out March 9th, and I can't friggin wait. That is all.


Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints on the inspiring Superbowl victory! I honestly wanted them to win, but not for football and/or money reasons.


Back in Oklahoma, people feelin it alot.

Dude, my friends rule.

Check the teaser video for the upcoming Johnny Polygon album/mixtape, Rebel Without Applause (Out Feb. 14th).



Def Jux (2000-2010)

The only reason I moved to NY in the first place was to intern for these guys. It was a dream come true at the time, and looking back, I realize it was as formative for my adult life as my whole college experience. From my first tour, to my first time being on stage @ a sold out Bowery Ballroom, to learning the implications of being a music industry intern (sometimes trivial, sometimes overwhelming), every day with Jux was an adventure.

To El, Amaechi, Jesse, all the artists and all the Office Jukies, you are all family and I thank you for the opportunity and experience. I sincerely wish you all the best with what lays ahead.

While every good thing must eventually come to an end, it only means the beginning of a new chapter. Onwards and upwards, Jukies!


(taken on the pre-Revenge Of The Robots tour, in ATL in 2002 - Peace to El, Lif, RJ, SA Smash)


Anti-Pop Lessons

For years, Anti-Pop Consortium have been releasing the type of hip hop that immediately demands your attention yet requires multiple listens (and close studying) to really decipher the genius being blasted to your brain. Having been championed by tastemaker labels such as Dan The Automator's now defunct 75Ark, Warp and Ninja Tune/Big Dada, there is no doubt of the importance of their contribution in pushing hip hop forward.

In an effort to help more people fully understand what it takes to live Anti-Pop, founding member High Priest aka HPrizm started a new blog called BangoutSessions, where he discusses production tools and techniques (complete with video tutorials and gear reviews), puts you up on the best music you're probably never heard and even has special guests drop by to participate.

If you love APC's music as much as I do, you might be interested to get a sneak peek at where they get their fire from, how they create and just as important, how damn funny they are!



Hip Hip, Jihae!

I was recently put on to this girl, Jihae (pronounced Jee-Hay), and was immediately drawn to her quasi Nico-esque vocal stylings but once i checked out her website, I stayed for the experience.

And she's a model, which never hurt anyone, did it?

Her website is a playground and her sense of aesthetic is impeccable. She has a new album coming out in the summer and hopefully I'll be a part of the team that brings it to you.



Gaga done smashed the game...

Not that i'm the biggest fan of her music, but I do love the fact that other pop artists must now change their game to stay relevant.

Most recent, and most fascinating, example comes from the Genie In The Bottle herself, Xtina. While the visuals are a little too reminiscent of the Fame Monster, the sound is what really has me tempted to pick up my first Xtina album. Let's hope this is where Pop music is headed.