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Dream On


We're officially official! The wonderfully dirty club music duo, Nue Pourn, have just released their latest EP, Dream On, along with exclusive remixes and an acid-trip of a video (directed and produced by my favorites, WCIP). There's already a slew of new EPs in the works, featuring some surprise guest remixers as well as some brand spankin new Nue Pourn music! Finally!

The first part of this new Nue Pourn experience is available at iTunes, of course, as well as the world's finest electronic music retailer, Beatport!

Also, if you're in the NYC area tomorrow night (Thursday, Feb 25th), come help celebrate at the release party (see previous post).



Nue Pourn presents Animal Farm

On the cusp of their newest EP, Dream On, Nue Pourn has put together a very special live show to help celebrate the release.

This is the first electronic release on So Valid, and I couldn't think of a better way to get the party started. There's already more Nue Pourn remixes and releases in the works, so buckle up, grab a vodka/red bull and let the experience dictate your actions.


It's a celebration, bitches!

For those in the NYC area, come out to Santos Party House tomorrow night, where Bisco Smith will be doing a very special live set to celebrate the release (and current success!) of his newest full length, The Broadcast. Live drummer, special guests, new songs... It's going to be pretty epic. Tune in.


Bisco Smith X Blockhead


The god Blockhead came through with a crazy frantic remix for Bisco's newest single, Fresh Water.

Bisco Smith IS art, and also one of the first So Valid artists. I'm proud to be associated with his creative output and hope you'll be as excited about his bright future as I am.

Now check some free tunes, and support by checking for the full length over at iTunes.