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You're welcome, ears.

Here's some highlights of new stuff i'm geeking off of lately... Some is new new and some is new to me. All are dope. Stream or DL the tracks below.

[Dr. Dre ft. Jay Z - Under Pressure] Maybe Detox really DOES exist!

[The Books - Cold Freezing Night] Fuckin weirdos. First album in 5 years, The Way Out, drops July 20th.

[The-Dream - Sex Intelligent] Love King dropped today. Best R&B album of the year. Make babies.

[Homeboy Sandman - Not Pop] The Good Son came out a few weeks ago and has been on repeat since. No fillers here. And good luck wrapping your head around it on the first listen. This is what raps could be.

[Roc Marciano - It's A Crime] I slept on this dude (and album) but I have seen the error of my ways. Straight up NYC raps and surprisingly tough yet coherent production. RIYL Wu, Mobb Deep, DITC, blunts and 40s.


The lead song on the soundtrack to your summer.

So, my homie put me on to this kid, Jai Paul, a couple months back and based off the strength of one track, I tracked this artist down in the UK and began talking to him about putting out some of his stuff in the US. Come to find out that he was in the middle of a bidding war over there, and I was a couple of months late. Bummer for me, but good for him for finally signing with a dope indie label that some may know, but we all love (look for an announcement soon), and will (hopefully) support him like he should be.

In any case, the track in question, BTSTU, is streaming below, for your enjoyment. If you like it, click on the crazy artwork to DL the MP3.

This kid is going to be big, and I can't wait to hear why.


The New Nue

Just in time for summer, Nue Pourn is set to release their second EP, Nunca De Nunca, on fine internets everywhere. This new EP features 4 completely new tracks (including instrumentals) and as a bonus, a crazy deep UK funky style remix of the NP classic, Back To Basics, courtesy of the homies Tactic. All the tracks are hot and heavy, just like this NY summer is about to be.

In true Nue Pourn fashion, there's obviously going to be a party to commemorate the occasion! I mean, what would music be without a party to celebrate it?! Next Thursday, June 3rd, at Love NYC (seriously one of the best sound systems in the country), there will be the spectacle known as the Nue Pourn Experience (they're opening up for legendary house dj Alex Pearce!). Info is below and also check out the stream below for the Brent Tactic instrumental of his Back To Basics remix. For my DJ peoples, click here for the 320, or hit me up for more.


Marfa, Marfa, Marfa!

This is the first time in a long time that I haven't felt 100% satisfied to be back in NY after a trip outside the 5 boroughs.

Thanks to We Came In Peace, Marfa Film Festival and Cafe Bustelo, I just spent the good part of 7 days in the magical West Texas desert town of Marfa, setting the aural tone of The Filling Station, an abandoned-then-re-modeled Masonic Temple which became a fully connected coffee lounge, complete with wi-fi, celebrities, more cold coffee than one person could safely consume, authentic vintage furnishings, guest DJs, Patron, ghosts, and of course, the perfect soundtrack!

To share my musical vision for the Filling Station, below is a zip folder of my favorite tracks, unmixed, from my sets. Exotica, lounge, easy listening, space jazz and library music can all be found in small doses here, but I highly encourage more thorough research on the included artists/songs.

Download The Filling Station highlights here:

As a bonus, some of the amazing people involved in creating the indie music doc, Echotone (the cinematic highlight of the festival, which premiered to a packed house with people overflowing into the aisles), came by The Filling Station and took over the decks for a couple hours, spotlighting some of the more outstanding up and coming bands from Austin, all featured in the film. Director Nathan Christ, producers Victor Moyers and Daniel Perlaky, and Sunset front-man Bill Baird all dropped in and delivered gems representative of the musical styles that have made Austin one of the most prolific and vibrant musical scenes in the country.

Below is a small sampler of tracks courtesy of the Echotone film:

Words would not do any of the experiences any justice, so download the tunes and take a look at some of the images that represent the more memorable moments in the space and at the festival. I met amazing people, saw some amazing films and am now mildly obsessed with the coolest little town in West Texas.


For those who think life is unfair, cuz i blow my smoke in the air...

 New video from Big Boi's upcoming solo debut, Sir Luscious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty. Featuring guest spots by Andre 3000, Gucci Mane, Too $hort, trust when I say that this record will be a game changer.

Check below for the MP3 of this track as well as a couple of others, supposedly also included on Sir Luscious.

Fo Yo Sorrows ft. George Clinton & Too $hort

Royal Flush ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon

Shine Blockas ft. Gucci Mane


RIP Mark Linkous aka Sparklehorse


Another tragic and sensless loss of an under-appreciated artist... And just when it seemed like he was hitting his stride again. His music was truly unique and based on the long list of collaborators, it's safe to say that, at least in the music community, his music was cherished.

Here's a few tracks I picked out that I really dig, that may have been harder find at one point. Hopefully you'll dig them too and if you're not too familiar with his work, maybe these tracks will inspire you to investigate his catalog a little closer. It's worth it.

Goodnight Sweetheart - Taken from the Sparklehorse & Fennesz album In The Fishtank

 My Yoke Is Heavy - Daniel Johnston cover, taken from Sparklehorse's Distorted Ghost EP

Dark As A Dungeon - Johnny Cash cover, taken from the Mojo compilation, Cash Covered

Jack's Obsession - Taken from the album Nightmare Revisited - A remix album based on Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Dark Night Of The Soul ft. Vic Chesnutt - Produced by Sparklehorse and DangerMouse and featuring vocals from Vic Chesnutt, also recently passed. Gorgeous title track from the experimental project, although twice as haunting now.

Wish You Were Here ft. Thom Yorke - Pink Floyd cover, taken from the Pink Floyd tribute album, Come Again.


Protest like it was 1994

"After being an A&R assistant at Sony Music (primarily Columbia Records), I saw a lot of bands and projects come and go. As I was recently cleaning up my own archives I rediscovered the files from a Leonard Peltier benefit that some of the guys from C.O.C. had been working on back in '94. While 16 years have passed the cause and material are still very poignant.

Please support these artists who were brave enough to make their support public and take action."

Find out more about the situation and how you can help by visiting the anonymous site. Also be sure to download the benefit album that was never officially released, compiled by Corrosion Of Conformity. It includes rare and unreleased tracks by The Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine, Josh Homme (Pre-QOTSA), Superchunk and more. No telling how long that will stay up, but definitely worth a listen.


I'm on tour ni**a, you on Facebook.

The Funk Doc himself, Reggie Noble aka Redman, just dropped the new single, Money On My Mind, off his new album, simply titled Reggie, and LAWD HAVE MERCY! Not as playful as his usual stuff, but I'll be damed if he still isn't one of the nicest MCs, consistently. Not sure who produced this either, but it's like he's rapping over a molasses-dipped 808. I'm also not that mad at him (kinda) singing the hook.

ps. Check the awesome Black Dynamite reference at 2:10... Reggie got his eyes on streets!


I'm really too young to be feeling this old.

Click the artwork for the new Drake single, Over (produced by the oh-so-hot-right-now Boi 1da), off his upcoming official debut album, Thank Me Later. I know Drake ain't for everyone, but I think if he stays away from the lover boy routine, he might actually be able to somewhat live up to the hype.



Salvador Santana - Don't Do it [Michna Remix] - Exclusive remix of a great track taken from Salvador's debut album, Keyboard City, which I also highly recommend checking.

Joy Orbison - BRKLN CLLN [Michna's Brooklyn Bridge Remix] - Bubbling remix of a super bubbling artist.

Michna has been on FIRE lately and lucky for us, he's giving us some of his recent works for Free.99! See below for links. Included are the sublime remix he did for Salvador Santana (Carlos' son, whose new album you should also check for) and also a banger of a remix he did for the bubbling Joy Orbison.

If you happen to be in the BK area on Feb. 18th, I highly recommend checking him live, holding it down for Dr. Dre's birthday celebration, aka Dre Day 2010. Unless of course, yous a trick ass mark.

Gz up, hoez down. But not really.