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King Warrior Magician Lover

Just got reminded of this kid Rob Roy, who popped onto my radar a while back with these two awesome videos below, showcasing his very interesting/different style and wide musical range, somthing along the lines of "a mix of Andre 3000 and Little Dragon." Recently signed to Dim Mak, he's currently working on his newnew (date TBD), and is dropping all kinds of mysterious interweb tidbits (like this new tumblr account, his soundlcoud and twitter) that lead me to believe something good is coming soon. In the meantime, you can download his first album here.



Hip Hip, Jihae!

I was recently put on to this girl, Jihae (pronounced Jee-Hay), and was immediately drawn to her quasi Nico-esque vocal stylings but once i checked out her website, I stayed for the experience.

And she's a model, which never hurt anyone, did it?

Her website is a playground and her sense of aesthetic is impeccable. She has a new album coming out in the summer and hopefully I'll be a part of the team that brings it to you.



Gaga done smashed the game...

Not that i'm the biggest fan of her music, but I do love the fact that other pop artists must now change their game to stay relevant.

Most recent, and most fascinating, example comes from the Genie In The Bottle herself, Xtina. While the visuals are a little too reminiscent of the Fame Monster, the sound is what really has me tempted to pick up my first Xtina album. Let's hope this is where Pop music is headed.