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Forever in Debt To Your Priceless Cover

This might be the first Nirvana cover that actually does the original justice. Not really sure who Kawehi is, but I'll be spending the next few days finding out. Donate to her Kickstarter here.


James Blake returns.

EDIT: Updated with official video.


Thank goodness. (skip to 1:10)


Kids These Days.

WTF was I doing when I was 22? Nicolas Jaar is already known worldwide as a top DJ, already has dozens of universally acclaimed releases (including singles, remixes, edits, EPs, a collaborative project and an album), runs a successful (and exceptional) music label, which is part of an interdisciplinary production house that he also co-founded. And the more I dig into his catalog, the more I'm realizing that his batting average is about .800.

I gotta get out of bed earlier.


I like house music much more now than when I was growing up.

Because of stuff like this. It's made me go back and explore the roots of house and discover the intricacies of what may seem rather minimal and repetitive to some. Eliphino's new & beautifully complex EP, More Than Me, is out on limited edition vinyl, Oct. 31st on SomeThinkSounds. Peep the digital-only pre-release teaser track below.

(Shouts to the homie SV4 for learning me.)

Click image for DL @ 320


Nue Pourn presents Animal Farm

On the cusp of their newest EP, Dream On, Nue Pourn has put together a very special live show to help celebrate the release.

This is the first electronic release on So Valid, and I couldn't think of a better way to get the party started. There's already more Nue Pourn remixes and releases in the works, so buckle up, grab a vodka/red bull and let the experience dictate your actions.



Salvador Santana - Don't Do it [Michna Remix] - Exclusive remix of a great track taken from Salvador's debut album, Keyboard City, which I also highly recommend checking.

Joy Orbison - BRKLN CLLN [Michna's Brooklyn Bridge Remix] - Bubbling remix of a super bubbling artist.

Michna has been on FIRE lately and lucky for us, he's giving us some of his recent works for Free.99! See below for links. Included are the sublime remix he did for Salvador Santana (Carlos' son, whose new album you should also check for) and also a banger of a remix he did for the bubbling Joy Orbison.

If you happen to be in the BK area on Feb. 18th, I highly recommend checking him live, holding it down for Dr. Dre's birthday celebration, aka Dre Day 2010. Unless of course, yous a trick ass mark.

Gz up, hoez down. But not really.