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Army Of Farao

Norwegians (and Scandinavians, in general) are pretty apt at creating the most beautiful, moving pop sounds. Farao is no exception, and thank goodness for that. Dark yet hopeful is the theme. Grab the new EP here or here. Proper debut album currently being recorded, release date TBA, but that's not nearly soon enough.


Gotye Gotcha


Going Back To Cali For The First Time

I'm going to Cali for the first time in 17 years and I know it's going to be hectic, but in a dream world, it would be more like Dirty Gold.

They were kind/smart enough to offer a stream of the new EP as well as all kinds of formats for sale.

They are not out of high school yet.

BONUS CUT: Peep the DJ Philistine edit, for your summertime dub fix.


Dream-Pop I can get with!

Click on the image to visit Moodgadget and stream 800Beloved's new album, Everything Purple.

... And then there's Moodgadget, where quality A&Ring reigns supreme. They're being generous enough to be streaming the new and beautiful 800Beloved album before it's release on April 6th. I think they're really just trying to will the summer to show up already.

For prime examples of quality assurance, attention to detail and class, keep in tune with this label.