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Def Jux (2000-2010)

The only reason I moved to NY in the first place was to intern for these guys. It was a dream come true at the time, and looking back, I realize it was as formative for my adult life as my whole college experience. From my first tour, to my first time being on stage @ a sold out Bowery Ballroom, to learning the implications of being a music industry intern (sometimes trivial, sometimes overwhelming), every day with Jux was an adventure.

To El, Amaechi, Jesse, all the artists and all the Office Jukies, you are all family and I thank you for the opportunity and experience. I sincerely wish you all the best with what lays ahead.

While every good thing must eventually come to an end, it only means the beginning of a new chapter. Onwards and upwards, Jukies!


(taken on the pre-Revenge Of The Robots tour, in ATL in 2002 - Peace to El, Lif, RJ, SA Smash)