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Hip Hip, Jihae!

I was recently put on to this girl, Jihae (pronounced Jee-Hay), and was immediately drawn to her quasi Nico-esque vocal stylings but once i checked out her website, I stayed for the experience.

And she's a model, which never hurt anyone, did it?

Her website is a playground and her sense of aesthetic is impeccable. She has a new album coming out in the summer and hopefully I'll be a part of the team that brings it to you.



Gaga done smashed the game...

Not that i'm the biggest fan of her music, but I do love the fact that other pop artists must now change their game to stay relevant.

Most recent, and most fascinating, example comes from the Genie In The Bottle herself, Xtina. While the visuals are a little too reminiscent of the Fame Monster, the sound is what really has me tempted to pick up my first Xtina album. Let's hope this is where Pop music is headed.



Bisco Smith X Blockhead


The god Blockhead came through with a crazy frantic remix for Bisco's newest single, Fresh Water.

Bisco Smith IS art, and also one of the first So Valid artists. I'm proud to be associated with his creative output and hope you'll be as excited about his bright future as I am.

Now check some free tunes, and support by checking for the full length over at iTunes.


Nobody beats the Diz

I know this came out way back in April, but the homie Jon Master recently reminded me of this Diz Gibran mixtape and how DAMN good it is! Somehow I feel this went largely unnoticed, so in case you missed it the first time around, like I did, you should now check it.



Hi. Welcome to my new site.

Stay tuned...the goodness is just getting started.

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