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Better than the album cover

I used to hate Kanye West. Specifically for his raps. Not really the lyrics so much as his delivery. But Kanye's not a rapper anymore. He's an artist. Maybe. I dunno. This video is retarded. Not retarded meaning bad, but retarded meaning good.



Like A Screwy G6

For those that don't know about this song, the OG version is HUGE in the clurbs at the moment, but this screwed version sounds much more tough, much less party. Also, this was Johnny Poly's walk on music for our recent gigs in the midwest. Too bad you probably missed it.


Forgot about this guy!

No one really knows who Clutchy Hopkins is (speculations have ranged from Madlib Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow to Shawn Lee or Money Mark) but all's I know is that everytime I come up on something he did, I get excited. On top of that, he gets the Ubiquity co-sign.

Just stumbled across this video for a song off his most recent album, The Story Teller, which you should obviously check, if you haven't already. Duh!


You're welcome, ears.

Here's some highlights of new stuff i'm geeking off of lately... Some is new new and some is new to me. All are dope. Stream or DL the tracks below.

[Dr. Dre ft. Jay Z - Under Pressure] Maybe Detox really DOES exist!

[The Books - Cold Freezing Night] Fuckin weirdos. First album in 5 years, The Way Out, drops July 20th.

[The-Dream - Sex Intelligent] Love King dropped today. Best R&B album of the year. Make babies.

[Homeboy Sandman - Not Pop] The Good Son came out a few weeks ago and has been on repeat since. No fillers here. And good luck wrapping your head around it on the first listen. This is what raps could be.

[Roc Marciano - It's A Crime] I slept on this dude (and album) but I have seen the error of my ways. Straight up NYC raps and surprisingly tough yet coherent production. RIYL Wu, Mobb Deep, DITC, blunts and 40s.


The Big Caption

See more darkly hilarious stuff like this @ http://thebigcaption.com/


500 45s

Awesome book by OG album art designers (and authors) Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz, showcasing the history of the 45 cover sleeve. All reproduced in original size, this book covers classics and rarities, along with notes on the evolution of the mini-canvas and some of it's pioneers.

Buy it here, or click here for some choice examples of the book's offerings.

The Smiths - Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now [1984, Rough Trade] Design by Caryn Gough


I wish all commercials were like this pt. 2

I can't stand Kobe, but cotdayum, this is a good commercial. In this new Nike ad, 3stacks covers the Beatles to great effect.


I wish all commercials were like this

Marina & The Diamonds do a spacey, French variety show in the 60's. For Stella Artois.


The lead song on the soundtrack to your summer.

So, my homie put me on to this kid, Jai Paul, a couple months back and based off the strength of one track, I tracked this artist down in the UK and began talking to him about putting out some of his stuff in the US. Come to find out that he was in the middle of a bidding war over there, and I was a couple of months late. Bummer for me, but good for him for finally signing with a dope indie label that some may know, but we all love (look for an announcement soon), and will (hopefully) support him like he should be.

In any case, the track in question, BTSTU, is streaming below, for your enjoyment. If you like it, click on the crazy artwork to DL the MP3.

This kid is going to be big, and I can't wait to hear why.


Not so secretly Canadian

New Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, just announced - Aug. 2/3, depending where you live. They also just put up 2 new streaming tracks in this amazing little digital record thingy (you can even spin it backwards!). Check their awesomely minimal site for images, lyrics and a variety of pre-order options. How exciting!

A. The Suburbs

AA. Month of May