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It's been 14 years.

RIP to the best that ever did it.


King Warrior Magician Lover

Just got reminded of this kid Rob Roy, who popped onto my radar a while back with these two awesome videos below, showcasing his very interesting/different style and wide musical range, somthing along the lines of "a mix of Andre 3000 and Little Dragon." Recently signed to Dim Mak, he's currently working on his newnew (date TBD), and is dropping all kinds of mysterious interweb tidbits (like this new tumblr account, his soundlcoud and twitter) that lead me to believe something good is coming soon. In the meantime, you can download his first album here.



NBA Rookie Class of '96

Damn. Interesting to see where they are all now, but lots of talent here.


The Most Extravagant Single In History

I loves me some Datarock and was wondering when they were going to release some new material, when I stumbled upon some fantastic news - New music coming real soon! Not an album, per se, but, as they claim (and I must agree), "The most extravagant single in history." You can stream a new track (and lead single off the upcoming, uhh, single) Catcher In The Rye over at this slick looking micro site (or you can DL it here). Basically, you get a custom designer toy (pictured above, duh!) with 4GB flash drive, 105 bonus tracks (yes, One Hundred & Five), 1500 images, 20 videos and a 60 minute concert film. Wowzers! If for some reason you're not up on these guys, here's a good reason why you should be:


Tad Suspect X DailySession X Good Records NYC

This past Friday night, the homie Doc Delay invited me to drop some joints up in Good Records NYC for their weekly radio show on DailySession. It was kinda last second, so I just grabbed some tunes that have been steady in my ears recently. Not much mixing really, and alot of tunes I've covered on this here blog already. Still a good listen, I think, plus you can peep out Delay's section as well as Jonny Paycheck's set from the same session.


British Experimental post-crooning

Man, the UK is kinda on fire as of late. Gorillaz are certified pop stars, The XX kinda ruled 2010, Jessie J seemingly popped right out of the internet and onto the charts. Now there's this guy. Parts D'Angelo, Bon Iver and Antony, and parts Aphex Twin, Fever Ray and Skream - James Blake is dancing the line of soul and experimental and keeps you guessing the whole time.

First heard about him with the CMYK joint, but his sound has since morphed into a sultry mix of assured crooning, melting blips and beeps and frightening rumblings of unease. Peep his gorgeous song and video for his haunting cover of Feist's Limit To Your Love:

And here's a live version of The Wilhelm Scream, off his forthcoming self-titled debut album (pre-order it here):


If you on the bullshit then i'm like olé

Happy new year to all and I'm happy to have this be my first post. It's nice to come in to the new year, after what feels to have been a whirlwind year-ending, and see Weezy out of jail, sounding focused and clear, and it's awesome to hear Busta sounding this hungry. Hopefully this is a sign of the music we can expect in 2011. They both absolutely murder this crazy minimal space thug beat, somehow provided by white hot Afrojack and Mad Decent honcho, Diplo). That being said though, fuck Chris Brown.


TX kids

Not sure what his story is, fully, but Conner Youngblood is young (20), from Dallas, goes to Yale and makes beautiful, synth-heavy glitched out soul, reminiscent of Jai Paul, but maybe a bit sadder.

Peep his Soundcloud page for more beautiful, you-never-heard-this-type tunes.

Monsters by Conner Youngblood


That's why the coffee was cold!

Just found out Galt Macdermot is from Montreal. Score another one for the Motherland!


Bastante Agradável

The tagline (supposedly) means groovy in Portuguese.

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